Airport in Syria

  1. Aleppo International Airport
    Aleppo International Airport (ALP), طريق المطار، Aleppo, Syria

University in Syria

  1. Al Andalus University For Medical Sciences
    Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences, Syria
  2. Al Baath Medical
    Al Baath Medical
  3. Arab International University
    Arab International University, M5, Syria
  4. Kalamoon University
    Kalamoon University, P.O BOX 222 / ص.ب: 222, Syria
  5. Medicine And Letters Compound
    Medicine and Letters Compound, Fayez Mansour, Damascus, Syria
  6. Syrian Private University
    Syrian Private University, M5, Syria
  7. Tishreen University
    Tishreen University, Latakia, Syria
  8. Wadi International University
    Wadi International University, Syria
  9. Yarmouk Private University
    Yarmouk Private University, Syria

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